Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hump Day

We had my Company Christmas Dinner last night at Oliverios here in Morgantown, this was the second straight year working for Sextant that we have had there. We did it on a Tuesday Night this year and we ended up getting the deck reserved to ourselves, I think we were scheduled to have 30 people there and that is about how many we had.

Today however is a new day filled with new challenges and another fun filled day of being in the office. Actually that wasn't sarcasm as I honestly do love my job and what I do. It gives you a rewarding feeling and a feeling like you have somehow made a difference, or at least helped influence that difference in this world. I really do consider it an honor.

That being said, it's Hump Day Plus for me. I'm off Friday and will have a three day weekend.

Hi ho hi ho

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