Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding Day for Moke and Ang

It's 10-10-10 and that means that two very special people will be tying the knot today. Moke and Ang have dated for a number of years, they are long time, back to the time when they were even young High School Sweethearts.

They have been through trials and tribulations, they have lived in different states and even lived in different parts of the world as Moke was deployed to Iraq last year serving our country. They have been through a lot together, yet they have overcome any and all obstacles and today will officially tie the knot in matrimony.

I look back through my pictures as I am writing this blog and see and remember these two through the years and how they have always been synonymous with each other. Each becoming the person that defines them today, yet able to hold on to that love an innocence that we have all come to enjoy seeing from them.

I am very proud of Moke and I very honored today to witness the Union today and Mr and Mrs George and Angela McClain.

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