Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sweeney Todd

Last night Michelle, Chad, Jean, Kayla and myself ventured to the Met Theater to see the Morgantown Theater Companies production of the Play Sweeney Todd.

I have to say that it turned out way better than my expectations and this was very professionally done, I left the theater a few hours later just simply amazed. The entire cast and crew put on an absolutely flawless presentation. Maybe realizing last night that Morgantown has a lot of talented stage actors.

I managed to get as many pictures as I could last night and they are all available for viewing on my picture site for any and all who would like to experience last nights performance.

The play continues tonight, then takes a two day break and resumes Wed, Thursday and culminating next Friday evening.

I have to say that for the last month or so Hayley has been really busting her rear end to get ready for this production. I think all of us who were in attendance last night including her own Brother who's hat she managed to be able to steal during the play and her Mother were very proud of her last night. I've saved my program and my ticket, there is an area for autographs, maybe I'll ask her for one this morning and put that in the safe.

Have a great Day and GO STEELERS!!!

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