Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Going to be a Loooooong day

I head to work at my normal time today, but to say this is going to be a long one will be an understatement. it's going got be a tie wearing kind of day and it could also be a 15 or 16 hour day when it's all said in done.

I have meetings in Pittsburgh at 5:00 prepping for a 6:00 and then followed by a 7:00 that I have been told may run late also. Then I get to drive my happy but back to Morgantown after the meetings.

Everything is in Downtown Pittsburgh, but fortunately it's all in Station Square, so I wont have to cross the river and can stay out of the majority of traffic that is the downtown headache at Rush hour. We'll be at the Sheraton, which is the hotel at the foreground of the picture, so it'll be an easy in and an easy out for the city.

It's all about Carbon Sequestration, I could have sat there for all three days or go up tomorrow for a couple of hours for what I need to be there, for.

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