Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday's Tibdits

* It is once again Tuesday, my favorite day of the week to do a tidbits. So, here it does.

* It has been 956 wonderful days since I was blessed with having my first date with the love of my life.

* 179 days ago I asked her to Marry me and she said Yes.

* 60 Shopping days left until Christmas. Is it really coming back up upon us that quickly? Wow, yeah, we're a couple of months away now until the fat man in the red sleigh rides around giving toys to good little girls and boys.

* Coming home yesterday was murder. There was a big wreck up the road from our house and it just basically brought this side of town to gridlock. We ended going about 15 miles out of our way to travel a half a mile home.

* I have just remembered one of the best things to curb my appetite, Dill pickles. Low carbs, filling and fulfills that crunch factor.

* Happy belated birthday to Michelle's nephew Jon, I missed it in yesterdays blog.

* Hi Ho Hi Ho

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