Monday, October 04, 2010


Why oh why do Mondays have to show their ugly faces each and every week? It's the one thing that seems to always screw up a perfectly good weekend.

I guess next weekend I wont hate Monday as much as it's a Federal Holiday and I'll be off work, but that is NEXT week and not THIS week. At hand now is this week and this weeks activities. I'm going to have a very busy and tiresome day tomorrow. After working and preparing a few demonstration posters, I'll be extending if not doubling my workday and going to Pittsburgh in the evening for a Carbon Sequestration Partnership meeting at Station Square. It will be a VERY long day.

Hayley should get a much deserved and much needed day off from Sweeney Todd today and tomorrow before finishing up its run the latter part of this week. I know she is having a lot of fun, but the tedious act of juggling that and school is starting to wear on her and she is in need of a little bit of a break.

Oh well, hi ho hi ho

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