Thursday, July 01, 2010

Thursday Tidbits

* It's Thursday, I'm a couple of days late on a tidbits, so here it is.

* 839 days since mine the day that changed my life. Mine and Michelle's first date. 62 Days since the engagement.

* Speaking of the engagement, she'll be getting another ring some time soon. The center stone on this ring came back offset and still damaged. The manager inspected it when we got it back and didn't feel secure with that ring (I bought the lifetime replacement so if the stone was lost they were replacing it) so they are going to order her another one.

* Michelle has been very busy at work this week. Her assistant's last day was last Friday and the girl who was going to step in and take her place has to fill in for another girl who quit until they can get her replaced.

* It's going to be a three day weekend for me, with the Fourth of July being Sunday we have Monday off as well. Michelle on the other hand may have to work that day so I probably will not be stretching it into a four day weekend.

* Is it really July 1st already?

* President Obama will in in West Virginia tomorrow. He and Vice President Biden will be in Charleston for the late Senator Byrd's funeral.

* Hi ho hi ho

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