Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pick up the Dominion Post

First of all, sometimes when I BLOG, I write the BLOG the previous evening and just have it autopost for the next morning so it is available for those who like to start their days off by reading this. To you early morning readers, I say thank you. As I am typing this the night before, Michelle said to tell everyone Hi.

Now onto the reason for this post. Obviously it is the night before and I have not gotten a chance to read todays (Thursday's) Paper, but I have been told by a fellow member of "Poised to Strike" that there may be some reading of interest for me in the paper today.

So, remember to pick up a paper today and look for anything talking about Steeler's Trivia as our first show airs this Saturday.

Early Morning Edit. The Picture and article are on page 5-C of today's paper in the marquee section.

If anyone is an online subscriber to the Dominion Post, I would sure appreciate having the story e-mailed to me at

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