Wednesday, July 09, 2008

$4 Million

Hey Rich Fraud, looks like all your idiotic showboating and everything didn't do you a damn bit of good as your attorney's have settled to give us the $4 Million.

My sources are saying there are three parts to the settlement.

1.) Rich Fraud owes WVU $4 Million. The settlement is specific in how much Rich has to pay and how much can be paid on his behalf. There is also an agreed upon time table. I on the other hand agree with Eric and Kevin and think he should have to pay us in one of those big checks and have a press conference when he hands it over. Think he'll be smiling?

2.) West Virginia University will waive any interest accrued since the date of the default. That's OK, does anyone realize Bill Stewart's contract is a 5 year $4 Million Contract. Thanks Rich.

3.) Each party will be responsible for their own legal fees. WVU pretty much handled it in house, so that won't be too much of an expense. I think Rich used his own attorney Marv Robon, so his bill shouldn't be too much either, considering how pathetic of a job he did. Maybe Rich's Mommy should have been his attorney.

Hey Rich Fraud, smile as you hand over that money you don't have to begin with.

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