Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yesterday's Party

Michelle, Hayley and I had a great time over at Pat and Frank's for the annual Rosiak family 4th of July party. Food was awesome as always, Pat does a great job preparing a feast that even the pic nic gods would salivate over. A table just full of home made dish's, it was a fat man's dream.LOL

After eating Trish caught Pat by surprise and had a birthday cake made for her with a picture of her when she was younger. It turned out really well and it was a surprise ton Pat, I don't think she expected it in the slightest.

After that, the traditional water battle. This water battle is one that you can't stay dry for if you are outside. I blew the dust off of my Super Soaker for this annual event ends up with EVERYONE getting totally drenched. There is no little bit of water, buckets and bowls are used as well as the hose, waterguns, water balloons and just about anything that will temporarily hold a liquid substance. I had the girls warned and they also brought a change of dry clothes for after the battle.

I have uploaded all my pictures from yesterday HERE for all to see and all to enjoy. I had a great time yesterday as did Michelle and Hayley. I heart felt thank you to Trish, Pat and Frank for allowing me to continue to enjoy myself for the 11th year in a row at this event.

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