Thursday, October 04, 2007

Back Home

I finished up the pilot area yesterday around 5:00 and decided to get a nights rest before I started to drive back to Morgantown. If you know me, at 3:00 AM I was up and wide awake, I had just woke up rather than didn't go to bed, so I figured that was about a good as time as any to start organizing my trip home.

I got lost once on the trip down due to a wrong turn, minor error mileage wise, and it was broad daylight then. I figured I would try my luck backwards in the middle of the night and didn't have any troubles.

Sterling was nice, I liked it there as this was my first trip to our US Geospatial headquarters. It was a very busy week, needless to say other than work on this project, drive, sleep and eat I really didn't have much free time. The two slots of free time I did have was Friday night to watch the WVU game and Sunday afternoon to watch the steelers go down in defeat. That and last night where I wanted to get to bed early so I could get a good start on the trip.

I guess that is the closest thing I've had to a vacation since I went to DC on a class trip in 2003. However this one was all expenses paid =)

Right now I am installing the latest greatest version of the ArcGIS software that I brought back with me on my home PC. I'm back to working on the VPN.

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