Sunday, October 07, 2007

A little catching up to do.

I have been a little busy the past couple weeks and have not had the opportunity to touch on everything that I wanted to touch on, so this will be the catching up blog.

Last week we had a big thunderstorm up here on Scott Avenue. So big that many of the leaves were knocked off of the trees and there were green leaves everywhere. This is a picture that I took of my apartment complex, and no our roof is NOT green.

Last week I had to travel to Sterling Virginia to the home office and work with an old friend. Srinu, the guy sitting down, and myself managed to get the pilot area for New York City completed. It came with a lot of headaches and frustration, but the pilot is mostly done with the exception of some minor tweaking the client is wanting us to do this coming week. They made a few changes on how they want it submitted, it's minor things. I can do it from Morgantown.

Friday I went to the balloon festivals fairgrounds and walked around for a few hours. I did manage to find a 12" Hot Sausage Hoagie that was calling my name. It's the ones like you used to be able to get from the roach coach that used to park in front of Lowes. A think meaty hot sausage link on a 12 inch soft roll with fried green pepper, onions and mushrooms on top of it. maybe I should go back up today and double check if that was the ingredients it had.

Yesterday I didn't get into too much. I watched the Mountaineers beat Syracuse on TV and a few other teams ranked ahead of us fall. Maybe we can move up in the polls this week.

This morning I started my day out early so that I could be at the Airport for the mass balloon ascension from hart Field. I think I counted twenty-one balloons that took off this morning in the last launch from the airport for the festival. There will be one last launch scheduled for today at 4:30.

Lest we not forget that the Pittsburgh Steelers will be playing the Seattle Seahawks today in a Super Bowl rematch of a couple years ago.

Have a good day.

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