Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here in Sterling

It was a busy day yesterday as we were setting up the methodologies for the pilot area. Fortunately I found out that other than me assembling the pilot area, I will only be doing Quality Assurance Quality Control on the rest of the project. Most of it will be done at the home office, I'm just here in a pinch.

Sterling is a beautiful town, it is pretty spread out and there are numerous things to do, places to shop and eat. However I have spent most of the time in the office working on this project as I am already here this Sunday morning awaiting on fresh data.

I have my camera with me so I'll be sure to get a few photographs.

My Hotel room is pretty nice, it has a full kitchen and a couple double beds. It is an extended stay hotel, so some amenities that you would find in a full service hotel are not there. However there is a Wal-Mart on the back side of the hotel, so I am good to go for anything I need.

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