Sunday, April 29, 2007

Update on Goals for 2006.

About 14-15 Months ago I posted a series of goals that I had and wanted to accomplish for the year 2006. I updated them at the end of the year for 2006, now it needs one final update.

I guess the best way to update this is that it has extended into 2007 and probably needs a little of an update, some very obvious and some not so obvious or haven't been revealed as of yet.

Family Situation

This is the most obvious one, and was a very hard one to get through. Kim and Terri had ended their three year period of not speaking. My goal was to try to initiate a conversation and let it go from there, but after Thanksgiving Terri called Kim and Kim returned the call. Kim and I later went to visit Terri once at the bar.


I couldn't be happier, I am still working from home and even received a larger percentage raise than last year even after I figured in all the transportation costs that I was saving when they offered me the opportunity to work form home. I still get random calls from companies seeking my availability.


One I was dragging my feet on, I had to get my Diabetes under control before it did any more damage than it potentially could have. Over the past few months I have been going to my Doctor, had my diabetes education classes and not only learned how to control it, but how to help control it for a lifetime. I actually had an eye exam last week, and there is no damage to my eyes from diabetes, just a little from age. It's nice to hear my eyes have deteriorated to 20/20. I still need my reading glasses occasionally though, but they are the lowest level of strength you can buy.

Personal life

It's softball season once again, could it be a better time of the year? Mountaineer football should be in for a big year and this could very well be a special year in Morgantown and another one to remember.


OK, here is the big news. At the end of 2006 I said I had accomplished three out of the four of my major goals for 2006. It Should have been five for I think I can now officially announce that those percentages just went from 80% accomplished, actually it was 60% because I hadn't addressed my diabetes and health yet, to 100% accomplished.

I had used dating services but to no avail, I just really never felt comfortable around anyone to a point where I wanted to be with them. The last person I really dated was in 1998 and that was Jackie. I'm not saying I had given up, but I had come to the conclusion that I may be alone the rest of my life and had accepted that. dating services were a joke and up until recently I never felt that comfortable being with someone.

I first met Amy (her name ironically) roughly ten years ago when we both lived in the Valley in Van Voorhis. At the time she was married (been divorced a few years) to the other afternoon shift cashier who I worked with. I had been invited to their place once for a Christmas Party, and because of bad weather I was the only one who was there.

I had seen her once or twice through the years, either on campus or at the mall. Recently we ran into each other a couple of times at Wal-Mart (hence my statement in yesterdays BLOG) and have spent a few evenings in each others company. She has a beautiful and spirited three year old daughter named Josie who is just full of life.

I can say I wasn't actively seeking to find someone, but I found someone that I really liked for the first time in a long time. As everyone knows I'm quite picky and there has to be something special for me to get involved in a relationship with someone. Maybe that is why I am still cordial and friends with just about everyone I have ever dated.

Have a little patience because we both have large families that we are going to have to get to know.

I had established these goals in February of 2006 and had it well documented through my BLOG. Presenting my life on the internet as an open book establishes a certain amount of credibility in anything I may say. This prevents me from off the hip emotionally charged statements on the internet and just exposing everything about me for the world to see and read. I have reported the good times and the bad times, happiness and sorrow, dreams and failures since I first started writing a BLOG going on three years ago.

It's nice to set some very serious and very real goals and to see them all through until completion. Whether it be me entering college in 1999 after I had basically lost everything or this most recent set of goals that I am happy to have completed.

These recent goals were five things that I felt I needed to accomplish before I could honestly set forth another set of goals for my life. I think I am ready to enter the next phase of my life and should set forth another set of goals sometime in 2007. I look forward in continuing to develop these five goals and to watch them grow and flourish. I have a feeling as these five things continue to grow and develop that other goals and dreams will be set and established. Things that will help my life become more complete and just to add a few more happy stories and memories to the time we are here on this earth.

..Next Chapter of my life is starting and coming up.

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