Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006's Goals and How I did

This will be my next to last Blog post for the year of 2006. Tomorrow, I will do a the second of what I hope to be annual yearly reflections of my life based on events that I placed in my Blog over the previous year. You can look at last years post Good Bye 2005 to get somewhat of an expectation as to what tomorrows BLOG will be.

Now, on to this post and my personal year end report to myself on the status of my goals I set for myself in 2006

Family Situation

In 2006 I wanted to complete a journey that I had initially started right after Christmas 2004. There was an unsettling family feud that I wanted to see ended. It was a failed goal of mine for 2005, but in 2006 I think things have started to resolve themselves. I really didn't need to intervene one bit, and the any emotional family walls were mutually demolished and a new beginning has begun.

There is still a small ways to go, but that 300' high hurdle has been jumped and it should be a smooth race from here on out.


I addressed this a couple of ways in 2006, first was to not relocate to Frostburg Maryland and second was to re-market myself. What ultimately happened was I have been given the opportunity to work from home (greatly increasing my productivity) and with my financial goals for 2006 as far as a salary increase met.

I was offered a Job in Pittsburgh, but my current company stepped forward and did what they could to retain my services, and then unknowingly met my minimal financial expectations after they increased my quality of life by allowing me to stay at home and close to my family.

I felt I was a winner regardless of which direction I chose, but the situation that I am in would have been the ideal one for me and made me happiest even though it wasn't even an option at the start of the year.


I still haven't picked out a Doctor, but I have shed roughly 40 pounds over the last 12-13 months and feel pretty good. I have walked a few miles this past year and actually feel pretty good.

There are always aging issues to deal with, but I feel good, still play softball and enjoy walking.

Personal life

How do you top what my sports teams accomplished in 2005. It is next to impossible and none of them lived up to their 2005 performances, but I am still a fan and always will be.


Yikes. I did sign up for a dating service in 2006, but I have little to no faith in these services anymore. I think it was filled with a bunch of members who just wanted to test the market and never really push it to that next level. I met a few nice people, but how do you know if its there over the internet. I'm one who has to see the eyes and talk to them.

Overall I am very happy with three out of the four categories and will have to chalk 2006 up as a successful year for myself. I will continue to live up to my previous New Years Resolution to never make another New Years resolution again.

I will over the next month or so be once again re-evaluating my life and setting goals that I would like to accomplish for myself in the following year.

I hope everyone met their 2006 goals and will do the same in 2007.

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