Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Morning Blaaahs

Can you believe this weather we have been having? OK Phil, it's the joke is over, bring on spring. For the last two weeks the weather has been less than acceptable with a snow fall, cold temperatures and a lot of rain. It's time for spring to be here. We are at ten and a half weeks since Ground Hog's day, I think the rat from the north is still made because I got him drunk on his big day.

Other than that it has been a typical Sunday morning for me so far, but the weather sucks and I'm stuck inside still recovering from a fight with the flu the past few days.

Today is April 15th, for those of you who haven;t done your taxes yet if you buy Tax Cut, both you and I can get a $10.00 rebate. The filing deadline has been moved back to April 17th this year because today is Sunday and tomorrow is some kind of a Holiday in DC, I think it is Emancipation Dayin DC. So, you have until the 17th this year.

I have another Diabetes Education Class this Thursday, and eye exam the following Tuesday and another appointment with my Doctor the following Monday. My numbers have been doing quite well as of late, they are almost all in the target range regardless of being before or after a meal. Some are a little higher, but the goal is < 130 before a meal and < 160 two hours after a meal. Thew main goal was to have 50% of my readings within target and just for the month of April I have 89% of my readings within target. I have had a touch of the flu the last few days, so that has helped elevate my fasting, early morning reading. Probably after this education class, I will then drop my readings from every day to every third day. I was told I could so it after my last meeting, but my meds changed and I wanted to track that briefly.

I'm eager to get back on rails trails, but the weather has been less than cooperative. I haven't been able to go since last Monday and I'm itching to get out. Just need Phil and Mother Nature to cooperate a little.

I'm thinking about buying season tickets this year for WVU football. I have a feeling demand will be high this year because expectations are once again high as I have seen us ranked as high as #3 in the early polls. I think this just may be that magical year we finally win the National Championship. Everyone will be healthy, will be back and we have added a big time playmaker or two. Should be an interesting year.

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