Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Go Away

Do you believe this crap? I have been very fortunate I guess this time of the year because I have been treated with almost spring like conditions and haven't even had to worry about old man winter showing his ugly face.

I guess that all changed today when he decided to throw me a little curve ball and drop a bunch of this cold cotton looking white stuff all over the place.

I could have been perfectly content in not seeing another snowflake this season, but someone obviously doesn't like me and covered the ground with this cold cotton.

I guess we are pretty fortunate, this really is the first time this year that we have even had the slightest bit of accumulation and we are already into the second week of January. I'm already for the warm weather to come back, the pleasant odors of fresh foliage enlightening my nasal cavity to indicate new and fresh. I'm ready for the sounds of softball, the balls pinging off the bats and being snatched up by the leathery extensions of the hand. I'm ready for spring, and it couldn't arrive soon enough.

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