Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye 2005

Since this is my last post for the year 2005, I thought it would be nice to look back on my log and reflect what has events have happened through the year month by month. All events can be found in my Archives of my BLOG. Let's see how this goes.

* Looking back at January, I noticed that I started the year working the door at the Country Inn for the New Years eve celebration.

* Randy had just entered the Mountaineer Challenge academy

* The first thing that sticks out to me was a list I created of things I wanted to do.
  1. Fly a Kite.
  2. Take lots of pictures (like thats a surprise)
  3. Reunite family members and go see some other family members that I haven't seen in literally decades.
  4. Get a group of people together and rent some bikes and bike rails to trails as a group for a few hours. What would really be nice is if we could start in Masontown, WV and bike to Morgantown. (It's all downhill)
Well, it looks like I didn't do #1, I did do #2 and #3 and #4 never happened. I think people would enjoy #4 and #1 still sounds like fun, so I'll put them on the 2006 to do list.

* I did manage to get a few old family pictures scanned, thanks to Mom and Terri for helping supply the pictures and giving me access to a scanner.

* The biggest event of the month was me breaking the ice with my sister Kim and visiting her. It was the first time I had actually seen her since her wedding.

* I can see that March was a very good month for me.

* I had an interview with my current employer, closed the books on process for another employer that was just strung out too long and received an offer for another interview from another company.

* My Nephew Daniel got Married on March 4th

* I totally redesigned to its current style.

* Brittany worked as a Page in Charleston

* Everyone was falling in love again with the WVU Men's Basketball team. We welcomed their returns from not one, not two but three basketball weekends with larger, larger and larger crowds.

* The WVU women's basketball made it to the WNIT Finals.

* April I started working for VARGIS and said goodbye to the NRAC. I had what I called my ceremonial walk of passage to the NRAC my last day, that was a significant day for me. I was leaving West Virginia University and moving on with my career.

* I managed to make it to a few WVU Baseball games and the WVU Football scrimmage. I went to one game with Ed and Brittany on a nice warm spring Sunday Afternoon.

* Val had started her new Job at Neighbor Care.

* Pam had taken and passed her Pharmacy Tech certification.

* VARGIS had its official opening during the month of May. We had been there over a month, but this was the official opening.

* Softball season had kicked off and I was spending Friday evenings with a great bunch of guys, and we usually visited Prime Thyme for dinner after the game throughout the year.

* Probably the most significant event of May to me, was that I had came full circle. I had had my first paid day off in eight years. That is a long time to go without any benefits.

* Big Family Pic Nic. Jean and Mickey did a great job once again and hosted a great Pic Nic at Krepps Park. TON's and TON's of great food.

* Randy Graduated from the Mountaineer Challenge Academy.

* I went to my first Jimmy Buffett Concert. Wow, what a show and what a day.

* Bill Trevillion had retired from the Morgantown Fire Department.

* Kim had her first surgery that would lead to months of frustration. It's still not all settled as she will enter the Cleveland Clinic next week.

* Brittany visited Mom and Gerald for a weekend. It had been a long time since this had happened and it was the ice in Mom and Kim's relationship starting to melt.

* Mom and Kim finally broke their silence.

* We had ended a great Softball season with a second place Regular season finish and runner ups in the Championship Tournament. It was the first time since I played for Sterling that I had advanced to the Finals. Been on a half dozen #1 seed teams, but somehow always abvoided winning anythign in the post season. Talk about Choking.

* Michael opened up Cool Ride

* We lost the families oldest pet, Tucker.

* Sharon had a Pic Nic Honoring Bill's retirement. I was nice to be able to visit family members that I had not seen in a few years if not decades.

* Went and had a nice visit at Big Bear Lake.

* Kim hosted a Texas Hold'em Tournament that I never made it to. Note to Kim, have another one.

* We celebrated Halloween by giving tons of candy out at Jeans.

* We also had a Huge Snow storm in North Crentral West Virginia. Everyone lost power for a period of time.

* Moke took his ACT's

* WVU SMASHED Pitt in the 2005 Edition of the Back Yard Brawl.

* Jean hosted a Thanksgiving dinner.

* I celebrated the 21st Anniversay of my 21st Birthday

* I was named the 2005 VARGIS Employee of the year.

* Christmas Eve at Jeans and I did a media file for everyone to remember it by.

In a nustshell that was 2005 according to my BLOG. We broke the ice, we celebrated, we took on new challenges and weaccomplished a few things. I would say for me personally it was a good year.

It's nice to have a BLOG where you can write your thoughts downa dn be able to reflect at the end of the year what has happened.

Obviously, this is my last BLOG for 2005, so I hope everyone enjoyed my recollection of the past 365 days and maybe start their own BLOG for the next 365 days so they can reflect on 2006.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year.

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