Thursday, April 15, 2010

Open Heart Surgery

Well we went in yesterday for my mother to have a Cathader in my mom to check out her heart and it's condition. If there were any problems they were either going to stick a stent in it or a balloon to open up an artery if there was any trouble with it.

Procedure took an hour and we thought she was done, until the Doctor came in and talked to us about it. Seems one artery is over 50% blocked and it was one that was hard to get to so with that procedure, so it's off to the next set of plans.

She is going to have open heart surgery this morning. First they are going to go in with three small incisions and try to do it roboticly, but if that is unsuccessful they are going to have to open her chest up and do the bi-pass that way.

It's fairly routine, but will take a few hours and recovery will be 49 hours of they don't have to open her up and up to five days if they do.

Surgery scheduled for 6:30 this morning.

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