Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Update

Long night last night to say the least and it turned into a little bit of double duty. In a nutshell for a brief moment in time last night we thought mom was having a stroke. She had just had open heart surgery a couple days before and yesterday was a little bit of a setback for her.

While the ordeal of the fear mom was having a stroke, Jean called and told me an Ambulance was bringing Nana to the Emergency thinking she had a stroke. It turns out she had a mini stroke and snapped out of it and Mom did not have one.

Kim stayed with Mom last night and it was a long hard night where paranoia and illusions were thrown into the mix. Long night that's for sure.

Everything is stable today. Nana is having a few tests and Mom is physically feeling better. Maybe it's two steps forward after one step back.

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