Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Well it has been about a month in the planning stages, Michelle and I decided quite some time ago to do an Easter Egg hunt on this day. When planning an event so far in advance you take a risk of bad weather, considering there was probably still snow on the ground when we decided to do this. We are going to be blessed with sunny skys and temperatures in the 80's today!!!!!

I just wanted to do something for the young children, create some memories and get some pictures and capture very special moments in time.

I don;t know who is more excited about this, me or Michelle as we are both looking forward to having a little fun, creating a few memories and spending time with some very special people.

Let's not forget to cheer on the Mountaineers tonight also as we play Duke in the Final 4 Semi-Finals and try to reach the NCAA Championship game Monday night!!!!

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