Tuesday, June 09, 2009


* Long day, softball game and you the reader gets a tidbits rather than a normal blog post.

* Tonight is game six of the Stanley Cup. It'll will be the Pittsburgh Penguins taking out their frustrations from Saturday Night against the Detroit Red Wings. The Pens played horribly Saturday evening, something tells me they will use that bad game to win the next two. You heard it here first.

* This week is shaping up like last week at work. Busy as heck and can't seem to get caught up.

* After the dame last night the team went to MiHALEY'S, but me and my sweeties decided to just veg out at home. After a long day, we were due.

* It was nice to see everyone together this weekend for Hayley's birthday party. It doesn't happen nearly enough. Maybe we should all organize an old fashioned pic nic somewhere.

* I did managed to see my nephew Randy last night, he was driving a truck in front of me on my way to the ball fields. I didn't the a chance to talk to him though. I'm thinking the last time I got a chance to talk to him was last summer. That is pretty sad.

* OK, I'm done. ;)

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