Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Happy Hump Day

Man has this been a very busy week. Between things going on at work and me trying to meet some deadlines to all the distractions associated with that and to having softball games right after work the last two nights, I am happy as a frog on a log that we are now at Hump Day and on the downside of the workweek. It's went fast, but I have been busy as heck to say the least.

Michelle has been battling with a bought of Bronchitis the past few days, but she is starting to feel a little better. We stopped over at MiHALEY'S last night and sat on the deck with the guys watching the Pen's Hockey game from the deck before a thunderstorm shortened our night of fun.

Oh well, it is hump day so Hi Ho Hi Ho off to work I go.

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