Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Midweek tidbits

* Nothing really special today, just a day that is a little bit blaah. We are at hump day and starting our downward motion towards the weekend. However I am thinking about taking tomorrow off so that I can go to a ESRI User's conference that I have signed up for. It'll give me a little insight as to what is coming around in the world of ArcGIS.

* Moke is now working at the WVU Hospital. He started Monday but I haven't got a chance to talk to him yet.

* Randy has a job at Back Bay.

* I haven't got a chance to talk to him yet, but I hear Nick really likes his new job.

* I've been busy this morning at work. Running a lot of processes, and they are running much quicker than they have been. I guess this means less time just sitting around waiting for it to complete and me having to do a few more keystrokes.

* This is the last weekend before school starts for all the pre-college kids. Classes start again in Mon County on Monday.

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