Friday, March 23, 2007


Once again we end another week of work and enter into the weekend. It would be a lot nicer if Mother Nature were cooperating a little more and bring out the sunshine. However if we can drench the watershed maybe we will have some nice new foliage that radiates the pleasant spring smell that we all love so much.

Went to my diabetes education class yesterday and learned a few more interesting things. Most of the discussion was based around Cholesterol and HDL's and LDL's. My numbers are getting to within the target they we are shooting for and the consistency level we are striving for. I will still be doing daily readings until my next Doctors appointment this coming Wed to build a longer history for Dr Feathers to refer to, however after that I can cut my readings back to every third day since I am not on insulin or anything that would cause me to be hypoglycemic. There have been a few readings that have concerned me, but they are very minor and could be expected. The dietitian is recommending I up my dosage of my medication, but that is just to help regulate it a little better.

Since it's a friday and I am feeling a little nostalgic tonight, how about a picture from yesteryear. I have noticed that this house no longer is standing, but the memories live on.

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