Friday, March 16, 2007


What are you doing to me you damn rat. I look outside and it's freaking spitting down snow. We have officially hit six weeks since your rodent ass decided NOT to see his shadow. What do I have to do next year, send two cases of beer for you and a fresh baked banana nut bread for mother nature. Tell her to turn off the winter and turn spring back on. You're letting me down Phil.

It is Friday, but for the second day in a row the weather kind of sucks. It's the weekend, but you can't have good weather. Is that not like the ultimate tease, especially with the nice weather we had earlier this week.

Next week should be pretty busy, I'm going to Frostburg for the last time on Monday and may stay over until Tuesday. If I do I'll just stay up there for the night and return Tuesday, but I may come back Monday night if I don't need to be there Tuesday.

Wed I have meet with my Doctor again and then Thursday I will probably go in for a fasting blood test and my diabetes education class is Thursday also. My Numbers are consistantly going lower and I am now in the normal range with my blood sugar. Now if Phil would have cooperated I could be on rails to trails this evening...damn rat.

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