Thursday, March 29, 2007

Taking the day off

OK, I know I work from home why in the world would you take a day off? Mainly because I am going in to do some blood work this morning, but I haven't had a short week since the first week of the year. That's nearly four months, so I think I am due to relax a day if that's what you call it.

Went to see the Doctor yesterday and on the advice of my dietitian they are doubling my dosage of Metformin and are also going to start me on Lisinopril. Lisinopril is a blood pressure medicine, but my blood pressure is fine it's because my liver is putting out some protein and this will prevent any damage to the liver. It's just one pill a day in a very small dosage of 10mg.

Tonight at 7:00 make sure you watch the Mountaineer Basketball team, this will be the final game of the season win or lose. It will be for the NIT Championship and we are going to be whipping Clemson's butt.

Not too sure what I will get into today as of yet, but I am sure a trip to rails to trails in in the agenda sometime for today.

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