Friday, March 02, 2007

I would call it a good day.

Yeah, that is a picture of me back in the 60's, there is no story behind the picture, I just scanned through some old pictures on my computer to give you something to look at.

Gary had called me a couple of days ago trying to get three tickets to West Virginia's final regular season basketball game tomorrow. He wanted to surprise Joey and take him, but tickets seemed to be next to impossible to get. He said Stub Hub wanted $125 for 2 tickets. I had even posted on Blue and Gold news and asked the ticket manager's brother if he could find some tickets, all to no avail.

Until today. I'm listening to Morgantown AM as I usually do every work day in the mornings and they were giving away tickets on the show. Thinking, I called both Jean and Gary telling them that they were going to give away tickets. With three of us trying to win tickets we had a good chance of winning a set of tickets. Gary thinking WAJR is WCLG turns his radio dial to them idiots out of Tampa.

WAJR announces that they will give four sets of two to the first four people who e-mail them. Well, I already had my e-mail client open and nailed a set of tickets through e-mail. I was excited and called Gary hoping he was listening, he had turned it to the other radio station and didn't hear it. I had won him two tickets and told him to turn on WAJR and maybe he could win some with the call in. Between me calling him and getting back to work, they gave sets away for callers. Surprise, Jean wins another set of tickets giving us two sets of two.

Tomorrow Gary and Renee will take Joey to his first Mountaineer Basketball game. Gary has only told him he is taking him somewhere, he doesn't know what or where. He didn't want to make a promise that he couldn't keep for lack of being able to find a ticket. $125.00 for two tickets is horse pucky, four for free beats that price.

Other than that I am preparing to change my diet around a little in an attempt to get my sugar down. I actually bought a really nice stainless steel steamer tonight. It's one of those multi chamber cook a full meal type steamers.

I talked to Kim this afternoon, she was asking about a possible teachers strike this coming Tuesday. Mon County teachers are going to do an unorganized Blue Flu.

I have just taken my last reading
for the day. I was pretty happy with the number. I'm sitting down enjoying a fresh air popped bowl of popcorn and getting ready to watch a movie I purchased tonight. I saw the DVD for Driving Miss Daisy tonight and felt like watching it.

Have a good evening.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.--Carl Jung

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