Sunday, May 01, 2005


I guess since I haven't posted that much lately that we are in need of a little tidbits section.

* Me and my brother Gary joined our niece Amy's "Walk for Life" team that will be held on June 17th. I think I'll go and walk a few laps. If anyone else would like to join us, contact Amy, she's the one handling everything.

* I went to the Country Inn last night and got a chance to talk with Terri. She said Randy received an award for the most improved Cadet at the Mountaineer Challenge academy. Congrats Randy, we're all proud of you.

* I'm sure he loves hearing from everyone, so once again here's his address:
Subject: Cadet Hamrick

Send him and e-mail and congratulate him for what he's done. I know I'm real proud of him.

* Had a little car trouble this week, Blew a spark plug out and had to have the hole re-tapped. Yesterday My brother in Law George Changed my fuel filter, all spark plugs and wires. I went to Jiffy Lube and had the oil changed and changed the serpentine belt. Hopefully the fuel injection cleaner I put in will also help. It was very sluggish after the plug blew out, but is slowly returning to normal. Thanks George, now I owe you a billion and two favors.

* I finally got to see the addition George and Moke are working their butts off building. This is going to be a 5,000 Sq. Ft house by the time he finishes. I'm really impressed, they are building it better than a contractor would build it.

This is a view looking out the front of his bedroom window. You definitely have some elevation and a wonderful view from their front window of what will be their bedroom.

This is a view from their back bedroom window. He no longer has his goats, they have cleared out all the brush nicely. The view was breathtaking.

The entire addition, all three floors, is going to add so much room to their house.

* I switched Cell Phone companies yesterday. My phone number is the same but I now have a much better plan and phone. You can send my phone an e-mail by e-mailing if you want to send a text message. I would still roam in Morgantown with Ntelos, much less when I'm in Frostburg. With Cell One I don't roam anywhere plus Jean even told me I sound crystal clear with the new phone I now have.

* I'm trying to set my phone up on my MSN messenger, don't know if it's working right though. It sends the messages fine, but it's not giving me the ability to go to change my status to mobile.

* This Friday will be the official opening of VARGIS's Frostburg facility. There are supposed to be a few VIP's show up. I'll try to give an update this weekend after it happens.

* I need to make a CD for Terri of all the pictures that I have taken from the Country Inn to date. I think she's wanting to do a wall of pictures to hang at the bar.

* Speaking of the bar, I need to go down and get a few more pictures. Terri and Nick remodeled the game room. They completely knocked out the wall where the State Gambling Machines used to be and redid the entire room in WV Blue and Gold with WVU trim all around. They added a couple dart boards and a ping pong table and the room is now always busy.

* I will recommed to everyone as I already have, get Jean's recipe fot Tomato Pie. If you have never tried it, you're missing out.

* Have a good weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Mobile actually isn't a status. If you set yourself up with mobile, then when you go offline, your contacts will all see you as mobile. When you're online, they don't see you as mobile, but they can also opt to send a message to your mobile phone by right-clicking on your name in their buddy list. Hope that helps!