Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday Mornings

Blahhh. I hate Monday Mornings. Could someone tell me when it's Friday.

I did have a pretty decent weekend though. Friday night was a blast, we played softball and won our game. We all went up to Prime Thyme after the game and sat out on the deck. I think I'm really going to like playing with these guys.

Saturday I helped George tear down the back side of his house, then managed to go out Saturday night and do my traditional Sunday Morning Grocery shopping. I didn it so I could have one less thing to do so I could go to WVU's commencment on Sunday.

Went to the commencement Sunday, and listened to President Hardesty and Gov. Manchin speak. I thought they both gave great addresses to the graduates.

On to Sunday night and a softball double header which we managed to sweep. That ran our record to 4-0 on the year.

Sunday night was Survivor final (see previous post) and then the weekend was over with.

I did get a little chuckle driving to work this morning, a couple guys I play softball with are morning show personalities on WVAQ. They did a little skit called lower league softball report. Kevin was complaining about getting pulled after we were way up on an team friday night and they came back. Chris, aka hector, didn't want to even talk about it. It's nice that my teams dirty laundry is broadcasted over 50,000 wats statewide. It wqas all in good fun though, this team is a bunch of funloving guys.

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