Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A quick tidbits.

* Congratulations to my niece Amy, she got a job at Lowe's. JD, her next door neighbor helped her get the job, good luck to her with her new job.

* Val and Erica have been a little bit under the weather the past couple days, I'm hoping they are now both feeling a little bit better.

* Finally got my car fixed, or at least the problem I was having with it. Traveling 136 Miles a day and going from 30 MPG to 15 MPG can get rather costly. Turns out it was the coil pack from the spark plug cylinder that blew out a couple weeks ago.

* For anyone I haven't talked to about it yet, you need to get Jean's recipe for Tomato Pie, it's well worth it and it's quite awesome.

* I didn't get a chance to talk to Randy this past weekend, but my mom says he's looking good. Like he has put on 30 pounds since he has went to the academy. I received an MSN message from him, but I was away when he sent it out.

* George and Mokie are making some serious progress on the addition to the house, I think everyone will be very impressed when they finish it.

* A special Thank you to George, Moke, Gary, Jean, Gerald and the guys down at CJ's for helping out with my car.

* My niece Brittany had her interview at Linsly last Friday. Kim said she feels pretty confident she will be admitted and will find out for sure this week.

* I do have to say that the drive to Frostburg can be very relaxing and enjoyable, when the car runs right. It is a picturesque and relaxing drive.

* Have a good hump day.

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