Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hump Day

Ok, first of all let me apologize for yesterdays Blog and the formatting of it. I wrote yesterdays blog in my old editor and forgot to manually place the HTML tags for to to appear as I wanted. It's all fixed now and more reader friendly.

Well we've had a day off and we got yesterday in, now if you look up over this noon time hump, just on the other side of a photo flashback you can see the dawn of another weekend in the horizon. You have to love these shorter work weeks.

I saw yesterday my cousin Lynne, who basically grew up as my sister growing up, had joined Facebook recently and had started putting a few pictures up. She looks great and is a grandmother of four right now and we're now friends and did a little bit of catching up. We used to send an occasional e-mail when I was in college, I was working at Ag Sciences and she was working at Engineering but we never got together. It was nice to see life has treated her so well. her and I and her Sister Sharon have to get together sometime this summer, it's been too long.

Lifting and cardio so...

Hi ho hi ho

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