Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy 67th Birthday George Edward Hall Sr

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my Father, George Edward Hall Sr, a very happy 67th birthday today. It was 67 years ago that many of the people reading this blogs legacy was confirmed with the birth of a man we all loved and respected. He touched the hearts of all he came into contact with, he was definitely one person that always made you feel at home and made sure that you were more than fed when you left.

It'll be 13 years this summer that we lost a man that I knew as my father.

A lot has happened in those 13 years that we all would have loved him being around for. Val, Amy, Randy, Moke and Brittany all graduating High School with Moke and Brittany going on to the next level.

Kim, Val, Amy, Moke and yours truly have all gotten married since then, I can't speak for all but I'm sure everyone would have loved his presence at those special events. He was always a man about family and gathering.

The family has welcomed new additions of Erica, Josh, Kaiden and one more coming this summer. Four new souls that have entered into this world further continuing his legacy.

I have had the honor of graduating from college in the 13 years since he has left, I think he would have liked to have seen that and probably would have become very interested in what I do, especially since he was a coal miner.

There have been pic nics, Easter egg hunts, Christmas Eve's, and a lot of fun filled events in the past thirteen years. There has also been our share of tragedies since then, most notably the day we that he left us.

We miss you dad, Happy Birthday.

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