Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hump Day

I guess you can call this hump day, even thought my Monday was a day at home and relaxing. It's also Ash Wednesday meaning last night was Fat Tuesday and I'm sure Morgantown was getting all Mardi Gras at all the bars.

So much for yesterday, on to today and concentrating on getting up over this hump and working towards another weekend.

Michelle might be going home this weekend, but that all depends on how she feels and if her Mother is working or not. If she's working she will probably postpone it until another weekend if not then she will probably go and I'll hold down the fort here.

I know in the next few weeks we do need to start all the paperwork to get our passports for our trip. They are good for ten years, but neither of us have ever or currently have one so it's something we should have just to have for no other reason. We'll probably get the book and the Card, if you do it you might as well do it right.

It's a lifting and a half cardio day, hopefully my shoulder can hold out until I get my reps in. I haven't done any heavy lifting since Friday, so we'll test it out today.

Hi ho hi ho

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