Sunday, February 08, 2009


* Every once in a while you suffer from a little brain fart as far as content for the BLOG, so I like to do a little tidbits to keep it going.

* I know this is my Mom's favorite thing to read, she like's the tidbits and asked me a couple of weeks ago to do more of them.

* The WVU Basketball team easily handled the Providence Friars 86-59 yesterday. Alex Ruoff broke out of his minor slump and pumped in a game high 24 points in leading the Mountaineers.

* Very little rest for the Mountaineers as they have today off before traveling to take on 6th ranked Pitt Panthers tomorrow evening for big Monday.

* Maybe it's just me, maybe it's not. I'm starting to like Facebook a lot more than myspace.

* It's been 331 days since mine and Michelle's first date. Wow we're coming up on a year of her putting up with me.

* For you football buffs that are missing your Football, today will be your last chance to see the NFL in action until late July early August. The Pro Bowl is this afternoon and is the final game of the year. Go AFC!!!!!

* Anyone hear where Heather Bresch, daughter of Governor Joe Manchin and the center of the scandal that reaked WVU last year, wants an explanation on her MBA from the Board of Governors. Dear Heather, from this and every other WVU grad who earned their degrees my suggestion to you is earn it. Not because your daddy is the Governor, but because you met the required curriculum to have obtained a Masters Degree in Business Administration from West Virginia University. Just earn it.

* The Geocache that Michelle and I hid last summer has been found a total of 56 times so far.

* I did have a little bit of a scare during our move, I thought I had misplaced my power source for my external hard drive that has ALL of my pictures on it. Rest assured the cord has been found and the pictures are still safe. Maybe I should back them up on the net, it's not like I don't have the space.

* Enjoy your Sunday

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