Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Cold Morning

What is up with all this cold weather? I know Phil saw his shadow and we are three of the six weeks into his prediction of more winter weather, but can't we have a little more warmth?

I'm up this morning with the fireplace a going pretty good and everyone else still snuggled into bed. I've got Michelle's coffee made for her, but I think she dozed off and went back to sleep again. I can hear her sawing a few logs in the bedroom. Come to thing of it, we may be able to use those logs she has been sawing this morning.

I wonder what roasted groundhog tastes like when it is cooked over an open fireplace? I know, I have to make sure I mean the random non named groundhog gets plenty of garlic when I roast him.

I'm ready for spring time, softball, sandals and shorts.

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