Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Alright, we're getting closer to the weekend as we are now at hump day. How about a few random tidbits.

* This will be the first weekend I have been Michelleless in about 20-21 weeks. Don't feel bad for her, she'll be with her family on vacation for a little over a week. This is where she will be staying at Myrtle Beach. She'll be grabbing a tan as we're slaving away at work. She and Hayley will be having a blast I guess. Sucks to be anyone but them.

* We played softball again last night. I'll just say we have one game remaining this season before we put this miserable season to rest and start planning on 2009. Some of us are doing a Fantasy Football League again this year, so we'll all be in touch until the Holidays start rolling around and I get the itch for more softball.

* Michelle received some good news today, she just needs to finalize everything before I blog it. It's professionally related.

* Anyone who may want to play Paintball this weekend, MVP Park is running their second BOPARC special of the year.

* Have a great hump day.

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