Sunday, December 23, 2007

Today is the day

Today is the day we acquire Klaer Lodge for two days. It has been next to impossible to get three people together at one time to organize anything, however it looks like it is going to be a good time. As disorganized as the organization was, I think this is about to come together quite nice.

We take over th4e lodge at 2:00 today, that is when I will be there to check in and register.

I've told everyone to BYOB, but I've purchased some cases of soda, anything anyone else can bring will help.

If you have any games, chips, cards, radio anything to help entertain it will be much appreciated. I went out this morning and bought a board game called Urban Myth, I know Kim mentioned a small Texas Hold Em Tournament, (Kim bring your chips if you can) and I;m sure there will be other forms of entertainment.

There are no TV's, Computers, Game systems or anything like that, you'll have to depend on spending quality time with your family and interacting with them to entertain yourselves. Wow, what a concept, families actually sitting around the fireplace on Christmas eve telling stories and playing games with each other. Oh the humanity.

Please anyone attending, check your egos and attitude at the entrance of the park and let's make this a stress free, relaxing and enjoyable time with the family.

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