Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

This is one of my favorite posts of the year to do. It's a recap of the entire year based on what has been written in my BLOG.

* I issued a few challenges to people to become more active BLOGGERS.
* Apple first introduced the iPhone.
* Major changes at my Company, including shutting down the Frostburg facility.


* My Buddy Phil got drunk on the cheap liquor I sent him and got verschnockered so he could not see his shadow. A lot of good that did, it snowed more AFTER he didn't see his shadow.
* Moke graduated from AIT training in Mississippi.
* Amy was in a car accident with Ralphie. They were both fine but her car was pretty much a total loss.
* Brittany Spears chopped off ehr hair. Oh the Humanity.
* I had my forst Doctors visit in 14 years.


* I had my first of Four Diabetes education classes.
* I gave into the trend that everyone else was doing and went and started a MySpace account. Everyone else was doing them, I figured I better get with it or get left behind.
* West Virginia University Basketball team won the NIT tournament.


* John Beilein leaves to coach Michigan in Basketball and WVU replacesd him with WVU Alum Bob Huggins.
* Softball practice started for the year.
* Terri celebrated her 40th birthday.
* The Virginia tech shootings had taken place.
* I had a full eye exam and right after the exam I met someone who would touch my life.
* I started dating Amy.


* Softball season had started and was well underways. I started out in a personal slump for the year, but got red hot once the slump ended and the hot streak remained the rest of the season.
* I made my first ever visit to Sarris Chocolates in Canonsburg PA with Amy and Josie.
* Renee graduated from M-Tech.
* I went to my second Pittsburgh Pirates game in my life. Lifelong fan, only the second game with the first being Willie Stargell's last game.


* Amy and I had split up. My local squirrels started to get treated very well as I was paying more attention to them and feeding them to take my mind off of other things.
* I took a trip to Kennywood, this was my first trip there in a number of years.
* I retired my Cavalier and bought an Isuzu Rodeo.
* I attended the Rosiak family 4th of July celebration for I think the 10th or so consecutive year.


* I attended Morgantown's 4th of July Celebration on Morgantown's Riverfront Park. It was arguably the best fireworks display Morgantown had ever put on.
* I took part of a better fireworks display with Kim and Robert at Ron's house. A number of us pitched in and all I can say is WOW. A memory that will last forever for me.
* Josh Judy was drafted by and signed with the Cleveland Indians.
* The Daily Kneads closed its doors.


* Barry Bonds hit his 756th all time Home Run passing Hank Aaron as baseballs all-time home run leader.
* I purchased the domain name, although I have done little to nothing in developing it as of yet.


* Kim had a surgery to check on her medical problems.
* I first checked officially on the availability of Klaer Lodge for our Christmas party.
* I had a business trip out of town. I took a trip to the home office in Sterling Virginia for a week.


* WVU men's Soccer played and beat the #1 ranked team in the country.
* We spent Halloween at Jean's and had quite a few trick or treaters come through.


* I officially reserved Klaer Lodge for Christmas festivities on the year.
* I went with Pam and George to see one of my all-time favorite comedians. Gallagher came to Morgantown and I did manage to get a picture of myself and Pam with him.
* WVU Football was ranked #1 in the coaches poll for the first time in school history.


* My 44th Birthday is a day that I am sick, #1 Ranked WVU losses the 100th backyard Brawl to Pitt (A team we were 28 point favorites to beat) and the start of one of the worst months in WVU history.
* Rich Rodriguez announced he would be the second WVU coach this year to go to Michigan.
* Daniel and kamey made it to Morgantown for a visit.
* It was a time of reconciliation and new dreams to begin as Christmas 2007 happened at Klaer Lodge. Years in dreams, months in planning and my dream came true.
* 404 Posts for 2007. What a year.

See you in 2008.

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