Thursday, December 13, 2007


* I talked to Jean this morning, her Mickey and Sheila were heading out to Sheila's family Christmas. They ALSO get a cabin, for Christmas time like we are going to do this year. It's down in the southern part of the state, so she'll be out of town a few days. Rich is still at home.

* They said Michael has a new deli in down at the Valley Mart. They are serving Pizza's and Subs, so I'll have to swing by one of these days and try it out.

* Rain Rain go away. Pam called me this morning and was kinda trapped between home and work. I guess Pedlar Run Road was flooded and no one could travel it and the road was flooded near the shack. There are flash flood watches in Morgantown today.

* While I am thinking about it, there is a big back porch at Klaer Lodge, some people may want to bring a lawn chair possibly.

* I am actually on a pace to do 400 BLOG posts for 2007. I just wanted to average one a day for 2007, I'm already well above that total. Maybe 400 is a doable number.

* In 2008 I should reach my 1,000th Blog post since I became a blogger. Now it's nice to look back on to see what I have had to say during the years. I am glad I have kept the integrity of this blogs content in tact.

* Daniel and Kamey are on again. It's been entertaining the past few weeks reading people's MySpace, there are others, but this one in a weird way has been entertaining.

* This world needs more Bloggers.

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