Monday, February 12, 2007

OK Rat

I was nice to you on groundhogs day. I sent you a case of beer on Feb 1 so you could party in your own special day in 2007. You then turned around and did all of us a favor by getting hammered out of your little groundhog skull. I think you had one heck of a hangover when you couldn't see your shadow, or probably anything else for that matter, because our operatives hijacked the coffee supplies that were targeted for Gobler's knob on Feb 2.

Since then, last week you dropped the temperatures to a sub zero and putting the wind chill well into the double digit sub zero range. Most of the kids were off school last week here in West Virginia, so I'm sure none of them minded.

Now, I am to understand that you and Mother Nature have gotten together and plan on dumping a significant amount of that white crap that I hate that blankets the whole area.

Come on Phil, call ole mother nature and cancel this crap that is supposed to start falling tonight.

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