Sunday, March 12, 2006

Winter is unofficially over

Winter has to unofficially be over with. It's been in the 70's or planning on being in the 70's the entire weekend and into early next week.

I secured my Jimmy Buffett ticket for his Pittsburgh Concert this summer, I spent the day walking around in shorts, t-shirt and sandals and there was actually a co-ed softball tournament this weekend at Boparc.

Softball, shorts, Sandals, Buffett. Yep, I would have to say that better weather days are just around the corner. Day's when girls will start walking around in shorts and tank tops, and when we can finally put the winter jacket up for the season.

Even in Frostburg you can notice all the birds starting to migrate back to the area. Mother Nature could be playing a nasty trick on me, but I don't think that she is this time. I think Spring is starting to roll in a little early.

Temps going up, days are starting to get noticeably longer and noticing people wearing shorts.

I will have to say that with the exception of this past October when Mother Nature threw us a strange and heavy early storm that this did turn out to be a fairly mild winter. I hit a couple days when traveling in the early morning was pretty treacherous, but those days were pretty much few and far between.

Hopefully this will be a great summer.


Unknown said...

Did you see the forcasr for Wednesday? ....7-10 inches of snow.

George Hall said...

Hmm, you're wrong!

Curtis Redgrave said...

I love South Park...
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