Sunday, October 30, 2005


* It's been a while, maybe I need to do a little tidbits to catch up on everything.

* I was supposed to play in a Texas Hold'em tournament this weekend at Kim's, but I went to work Saturday and came home and tried to take a nap. Yeah right, I was done for the night.LOL

* Gary and Renee have moved this weekend. They now have Renee's dad's old house up here on 119 just past Nick and Terri's.

* This past week has been a bad one. We got an unexpected storm Monday that dropped a foot of wet snow on the area. The leaves hadn't fallen off the trees as of yet and weighted the trees down and caused them to fall. I was without electric for 27 hours. Val and Amy were both out for a couple days as was Terri. Things are slowly getting back to normal though.

* I did get a chance to talk to Terri for a couple minutes this week, it was when I was going and picking up Farida and taking her to a place where she could be warm during the power outage.

* I was talking to Mark Devault friday night at the Mohawk Bowl, He's organizing his sites and is in the process of moving his databases to to keep things a little more organized.

* Speaking of the Mohawk Bowl, I sat at the game with a long time friend and former teammate Smitty. It was good to see him and Emily, I swear I'm getting old she's in 9th grade now.

* Let's see, the Mohigans played and won Friday night, the Mountaineers will play this Wed and the Steelers play on MOndayNight Football this week. Talk about a slow week for football for me.

Have a good week.

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