Thursday, October 06, 2005

Survivor Night

Yes Blog readers, it is once again Thursday night and time for another episode of SURVIVOR!!!

In the preshow I checked out the popularity poll and Steph is winning by a large margin over a distant secondBobby Jon and third place Gary Hogeboom. Not really many surprises in the polls though other than the fact that the WVU Grad Margaret isn't winning the polls. You would think that people would realize that since Margaret graduated from WVU that she obviously deserves to win the popularity polls, and the Million Dollars. I guess that since no one is going to roll over and give her the win that she'll just have to beat everyone.

In the rewards challenge which was right after the start of the show, it turned out to be a trivia type thing when people on your tribe voted for specific things. They asked who needed the most nourishment, and the two tribe member who won were given some food. They asked who was the smelliest tribe member and they were given a shower. They then asked who was most deserving of a picnic, one man and one woman from each tribe. Then it was asked who had the most tribal pride, the most loyal member remained with their tribe and remaining survivors switched tribes. It's early in the game, but that was a nice little switch to throw at them, but I personally thought it was a little early in the game to pull a move like this.

During the pic nic, Margaret asked Gary once again if he was a former football player, and he once again denied that he is a retired NFL Quarterback and tried to play off that he is a landscaper.

I think if there were one survivor I would want to punch in the nose, it would have to be that sneaky snake in grass Judd, I don't know what it is about him, but I really don't like him even though he has sort of made an alliance with Steph.

For the Immunity Challenge the tribes had to paddle out and gather three bags that were full of clubs and then paddle back in to shore. They then had to throw the clubs at three targets that were 40, 50 and 60 yards away. No single tribe member could hit more than one target. You would think that an NFL QB would be the ace in the hole in this challenge. Nakum was the first tribe to reach the beach then followed by Yaxha. However Yaxha won immunity and sending Steph and Nakum back to tribal council yet again. You would winder though why Yaxha didn't have Gary throw? Man she has to be tired of going

Prior to tribal council the old Yaxha members and the old Nakum tribes who are now Nakum were trying to position for strategy. It was just announced Steph is 4 for 21 in challenges. However, the tribes are currently tied at 4 members from each other tribe and both sides were trying to jocky for position. I think that butthead Judd is the key to how this vote goes tonight, if he is stupid enough to join the old Yaxha members, he may eliminate a few of his team matess, but he would have sealed his fate for teh game by putting his tribe down on the numbers.

When all the votes were read, Brooke Struck was voted off.

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