Thursday, October 27, 2005

Survivor Guatemala

First, let me say that I'm glad to have my electric back after losing it due to the snow storm a few days ago. I know a few others who still do not have it back, hang in there order will soon be restored and everyone will have electric and water again. I spoke with Val earlier today and neither her nor Amy have electric or water and my sister Terri still does not have electric.

This weeks show starts out with a little reminder of who needs to go. Make your own interpretation as to who I think deserves to be the next survivor that needs to be voted off and sent home packing. The popularity poll sees Steph retaining her lead among viewers of the most popular survivor, but her numbers have dropped about 10% points from last week. Her numbers are probably down a little because she has teamed up with the nutcase with A.D.D.

The show starts right off with a rewards challenge. Each team starts with a member who has to wrap 30' of cloth around their body, then they and the next person go and THEY wrap 30' of material around both of them and so on and so on, once all four members have all the cloth wrapped around them, they then need to do the exact opposite and unwind all the material around the polls one by one. Five members from each team participate with one helping to wind and the other four wrapping themselves. The reward was for Chocolate that just happened to be initially discovered on the isle of Guatemala and a tour of the island. Yaxha won the reward challenge by a large distance. They had all five members across the finish line before Nakum got two across. A.D.D. boy didn't participate for Nakum. Have I ever mentioned what survivor I don't like?

After they received their reward, Yaxha traveled to Nakum's tribe so they could invite them to a pool party back at Yaxha and they also shared some of their extra chocolate that they had brought back with them from the rewards challenge. They enjoyed their little visit, but Jamie didn't seem to want to stay for too long.

At the immunity challenge the teams had to break into two teams of five. Three members from each tribe had to run out one at a time to find one of twelve large puzzle pieces. Once all twelve pieces were returned, the remaining two survivors had to assemble a large puzzle. The first tribe to re-assemble their puzzle would win immunity. Nakum was the first team to get their puzzle assembled, sending Yaxha back to tribal council to vote off another member. This will drop Yaxha down to their final four members and will leave ten survivors left in the game. Could next week be the merge?

At Tribal council, Amy O'Hara was sent home. At Tribal council, Jeff added a new twist by sending the surviving Yaxha member to the Nakum Tribe's camp rather than their own. The game just went to the merge with it's final ten members.

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