Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well this workweek started out just great for me. My work computer kept getting BSOD's on Friday and I had to find the problem. Wasn't the drive, we just reformatted it and rte0installed Windows. Now it's just a matter of putting all my software and data back on my computer.

* I did make a Pen Drive version of Kubuntu to restore all of my data from the crashed drive. It's just another Linux based live CD, it can run from a flash drive so that makes it nice. No need to worry about carrying around CD's or DVD's.

* It's been 788 days since Mine and Michelle's first date and 11 days since our engagement.

* Well Monday is finally over with, and now we are looking at Tuesday. We are making a little bit of progress towards the weekend.

* Visiting with everyone this past weekend I thought I would share a few updates. Mom is doing very well, she is getting around exceptionally well and it's hard to even imagine she just had open heart surgery a few weeks ago. Jean, Nana and Gary planted a whole lot of flowers over the weekend in front of the house.

* WVU will have their 141'st Commencement this weekend. Former President Bill Clinton will speak at 2:00 at the Coliseum, I am planning on attending. There are not too many times in your life you get to hear a President, either past or present speak, and I would love to hear him speak.

* Oh well one down and four more to go. Hi ho hi ho.

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