Saturday, December 06, 2008


* I know some of you love to read the tidbits, so I decided to do another one to touch on a few smaller points.

* Mom is heading to Amish Country today in Ohio. Not real sure who she is going with, but I know she takes a few trips with her friends and the church to places.

* Kim is also heading to Amish Country today, but in the opposite direction towards Springs PA. I tried to tell her last night there are cams on I-68 at Keyser's Ridge and Savage Mountain for her to check out to make sure it is safe to go.

* Next weekend will be a busy one for me and Michelle. We will be going to Tanger Outlets with Trish and going to Ohio the next day to visit Michelle's Grandmother and family in Ohio.

* Amy had a cute Christmas picture taken of Kaiden. Amy put it up on her MySpace, but Kim also posted the picture on her blog so I couldn't be out done. =)

* is there only 19 days left until Christmas? Wow is it starting to creep up on us slowly.

* This Wed at 7:00 at the Metropolitan Theater, Hayley will be singing with the MHS Choir if anyone would like to go and listen to Michelle's little Diva put out some magical vocals on the evening. She sings from the First Soprano Chair, so I am really looking forward to hearing her.

* In the next couple of weeks, I am going to gather some excess non-perishable food from my shelves and will be donating it to the Scott's Run Settlement House. Ifd anyone has anything they would like to donate, contact me and I can deliver it with what I take over.

* Watched a funny movie last night, we watched Step Brothers. It was hilarious. I posted the link for anyone who would like to watch it, it's screen is too large for the blog.

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