Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Have I ever mentioned...

... that I hate snow? I mean it's not that I dislike this cold white powdery stuff that falls from the skies, I plain out hate snow with a passion. Give me warm spring weather when the birds are singing, I can wear a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt and a nice pair of sandals and I am Happy.

Dear Punxatawny Phil,

How are you doing old buddy, sorry for us putting the hammer down on you in the Steelers Trivia Show earlier this summer. Hope it's been a great summer and the Steelers are doing great.

With that being said, I'm already sick of this snow. Is there any way we can get you to move Groundhogs Day up a month? You know it would be perfect right after New Years, that way you can be verschnickered to the point where you wouldn't want to see your shadow even if you could.

Your everloving BLOGGER,

George's Journal

Dear Mother Nature,

Is it at all possible to stop winter and bring on spring? I have written a correspondence to Phil about possibly moving his day closer to a celebratory time where his better judgment may be impaired or that he wouldn't care if he did see his shadow.

If it is at all possible to bring Spring, I will start a cult of geocachers to praise your name. Think about it, turn off the snow and you become a deity, not that you are not now, but you will have your own following.

On the other hand I heard that this guy thinks that you are getting a little heavy around the mid-section and and that he could run things much better than you could. I have heard through the grapevine that he is thinking about over throwing you and taking over.

This would cause total anarchy, I think you need to send this man a message and eliminate him early this season.

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