Monday, December 08, 2008

Another Weekend come and gone

Yet another weekend has come and gone, it just seems like a couple minutes has went by since Michelle and I were at Milano's Pizza eating Friday Night and here I am getting ready to stick my nose back on the grindstone for the week.

This weeks highlights will include me and Michelle (and anyone who would like to go and support her) will be going to see Hayley sing at the Metropolitan Theater on Wed evening at 7:00 for the MHS Show choir's Christmas concert.

Also Wed night Arron will be playing basketball at Cheat Lake when they host WI at 7:15 at the Cheat Lake School I would think.

To the Dallas Cowboys fans out there.....suck it! You lost and you blew a 10 point lead to choke to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers are horrible on offense this season, yet they are sitting at 10-3 right now on the year.

WVU Men's Basketballl won, WVU Football team won, The Pittsburgh Steelers won and the WVU Women's basketball team won. It was a pretty good weekend.

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