Sunday, August 21, 2005

Weekend Wrapup

* Looks like I need to do another extended tidbits like last week to be able to touch on everything I need to address.

* First off, my softball team has started the playoffs and we split our first two games in the double elimination style tournament. We played well the first game and played the team that nay just win this in the second game.

* I went in to work for a few hours Saturday, I needed to help complete the pilot area for a project I had been working on.

Saturday afternoon saw us celebrate a few birthdays. Pam and George had a little party for Mokie for his 17th birthday, but they also had a couple little surprises lined up. First of all, yesterday was also Jean's birthday and she was unsuspecting of everything as Pam and George tricked her into thinking we were celebrating Moke's birthday. She was pleasantly surprised and thought everyone had forgotten.

The second surprise came for Moke's best friend Michael. Pam said they had to move the party up a day so that Michael could make it. It was nice that we celebrated Moke's birthday and surprised Jean with a surprise birthday, but George had grown attached to Moke's best friend and he managed to do a double whammy surprise and have another cake with Michael's name on it. Needless to say I think that everyone was pleasantly surprised.

Sunday starts out as a normal day for me with my trip to Super Wal-Mart and doing laundry. I called Kim this afternoon and told me that my Uncle Robert and his wife Michelle were at the hospital and to come and visit. Well, never let it be said that I would ever miss a photo opportunity, so I grabbed my camera and went up for a visit. I found out that Robert is currently working at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. It has been a few years since I have seen Robert, I think the last time I was able to see him was when Bonita came into Morgantown about about 10 years ago. It was nice to see him and Michelle again, he showed me a few pictures of his kids and his grandchildren that he takes great pride in.

* OK, I know everyone is wanting an update on Kim. Actually she appeared to be in very good spirits today. I had said previously that she was on a road to recovery and it seemed like things kept getting better, then drastically worse all of a sudden. She was filling up with fluids and had no appetite. When I thought she was on the road to recovery she would have a relapse and things would once again turn south.

I'm not a Doctor, and I can say this now, but I was worried. I didn't know what to expect and her health was slipping. I had seen similar incidences with my Father and two Aunts that had started doing an exceptional amount of abdominal swelling prior to taking a turn for the worst. Kim was swelling and I was getting a little scared.

The Doctor who initially did her surgery walked in today and one of the first things he asked her was "Do you have any idea how sick you were?" I think he was generally concerned, her body wasn't passing fluid and it was going into her tissues. I will let her describe what she has been through, but I will say one last time now that things really are getting better that she's on the road to recovery.

She'll probably be in the hospital another week to allow her body to heal itself, which it is now doing. It was something about the liver and proteins and did something that it was not supposed to do, but I'll let her explain it to you when she gets a chance.

She seemed to be in really good spirits again today, which is always a good sign.

On a positive note, my niece Brittany is preparing to get ready to go to Linsley this Tuesday. She has made the honor roll I think three or four straight semesters and is really looking foreword to the challenge. I have the utmost confidence in her. I know Kim's health problems could not have came at a worst time, but Brittany has been a real trooper.

Have a good week.

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